What Is The Axe Academy?

Simply put, The Axe Academy is about you. More fancily put, The Axe Academy is a specialized life development and learning platform for leaders, communicators, disciples, and dreamers who want to make their life count.

How does it work?
Our team at the Axe Academy has identified 7 areas that you must master to build and blaze all that God has for you to do. To sharpen you in these 7 areas, we have a large catalogue of courses, answer the questions you are asking, create a monthly podcast (The AxeCast), and do monthly webinars do have true conversations on the topics most important to you.

How much does it cost?
We operate as a generosity-driven platform. That's our fancy way of saying you can pay what you want for the Axe Academy. The vision of the Axe Academy was to never get rich, but to always invest into people who want to grow and go further in life. We humbly ask our members to pay what they can so we can continue to build more tools and reach more people.

How do I join?
Joining is easy, simply click this link and chose what type of account you would like to make!

Join The Axe Academy
Our Mission

Our MISSION is to create an ever-growing library of life-sharpening tools that aid in unleashing the best version of you, This will require sharping YOUR AXE! Delivered by digital & analogue formats. This exclusive content is only here at the axe academy. Sharpen yourself to be better equipped to change the world and unleash our collective force together for good.

Our Vision

The Axe Academy is a personal development platform & community for you led by life-architect Eric Samuel Timm. Our VISION is to raise up a generation who decides to be life-long learners, leaders and disciples all who carry a sharp axe, the best true version of themselves. Why? For you to build and blaze the trail you dream and then go and do! Your success is our success.

Axe Sharpening Tools

There are 7 areas of life and leadership that we focus on at the Axe Academy. We develop - or sharpen - these 7 areas with multiple tools.

Axe Courses

Get access to course material created by our team that will help challenge, guide, and equip you to develop skills to unlock your potential. These courses are available only to members of the Axe Academy, helping them build and blaze what they are made to do.

Extended AXECasts

The Axe Podcast, AXEcast, is free every month, but the podcast is just the beginning. Enrolling in the Axe Academy unlocks the extended AXEcast episode, and special episodes podcast every month. Listening is one thing, learning is another.

Axe Your Questions

Most leadership resources are strictly monologue. Axe is a dialogue and it will include your voice, and we want to hear it, discussion is a two way street. Our professors answer our member's questions every month.

Axe Speaking Database

Eric’s live sermons and speeches from all over the world are available exclusively on the Axe Academy. Members gain access to an ever expanding library of messages delivered by Eric. Sometimes learning means observing.

Monthly Axe Webinar

Every month, members of the Axe Academy can join Eric for a live webinar that will contain special lessons as well as time to have live discussions on the topics important to you. Don’t miss our special guests series as well.

Earn Your Axe

Want a guide? Earn your very own AXE with your name engraved in the handle and a hand made custom display by completing a specific group of courses, reading, reports and meet with professors for one on one Skype sessions along the way.