Noise. It’s everywhere. Televisions blaring out commercials, opinions shouted over the radio, the internet and its unlimited distractions, all of the tasks and choices that you know don’t really matter. Always intensifying, becoming a deep part of our everyday cycle, our now hurried lives.

God often speaks to us in the stillness. When Elijah needed to hear from God, God sent a fire, a quake, and a huge wind. But God wasn’t in the fire, He wasn’t in the quake, He wasn’t in the wind. God was in the whisper – but the noise hides the whisper.

Static Jedi takes a look at the life of Jesus to help you master the noise and distractions of life and live in clarity.


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We are living in a time where the hearing from God is bombarded by many frequencies and voices. This noise, corrosive in nature, makes it difficult to hear God’s voice. . . living with more noise means we live less like a disciple.

We need a prism. Eric Samuel Timm is a prism.
Mark Batterson
New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Circle Maker

If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed, disconnected from God, and wading through the static of your day, you need to read this book. Eric expertly navigates this hard-to-master skill and lays out an easy road map that anyone can follow. After all, he takes his cues from Jesus’ example in Scripture – what better model than that?
Rob Ketterling
Lead Pastor, River Valley Church

Video Series

Static Jedi has a four-part video series that is a perfect supplemental resource for a personal or group study of Static Jedi. In addition to enhancing the book teachings, each video can be used as a stand-alone teaching lesson.

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Static Jedi is a refreshing reminder that God is alway there ready to meet with us. You will be inspired and encouraged in your own personal pursuit of God. The simple truth is that we need to seek time with Him and life can sometimes get in the way. Static Jedi uses practical steps from Jesus’ life to radically transform you.
Micheal W. Smith
Singer / Song Writer

Our ability to hone in on the one voice that brings clarity and creativity amidst all of the noise will set us apart as a spouse, parent, student, or professional. Eric unearths one simple concept that can easily become complicated. He summons us to the profound elementary truth of fixing our eyes on the One who speaks, for it is here that we find all we need.
Heath Adamson
National Youth Director, Assemblies of God

Meet The Author - Eric Samuel Timm

Eric Samuel Timm is an award winning Christian speaker, author, and artist. As one of the world's premier youth speakers, Eric has spoken to more than 3 million people across the world in more than 35 different countries. Using his art, Eric helps his audiences see what they can not hear.

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