Stand Up

Stand up if you ever had a imaginary friend as a child,
I’m already standing inside because mine was a unicorn named Steve.

Stand up in a moment if you are adopted or waiting to be so.
Stand up if your are adopted but wanting to be let go.

Stand up if you ever felt judged by the way that you dress,
Been teased for the way you talk or walk,
Push down within from a bully on the block.

Stand up if you have been teased for your height,
Tore down for you weight,
and you yourself spread that hate.

Stand up if you have a visible or hidden
physical learning developmental disability
and you hidden or made visible your inabilities.

Stand up if you had a parent who had passed away.
Stand up If you have cried for someone other than yourself today.

Stand up If you have been made fun for studying too hard
Or wanting to good of grades
Or maybe embarrassed bout the riches and class your family is in or out
The rich and the poor or
The haves and the haves without.

Teased for the color of your skin?
Teased about your religious beliefs?
Are your parents are divorced?
Are you your own destructive force?

Then stand up.

Speaking death to yourself saying you couldn’t do it
And the confidence you had was gone thought once you knew it.

Have you have ever felt lonely,
Made fun of because of a friend or family
Is lesbian or gay and people cast words of death your way?

Stand up if you want this journey to begin
Words of Life Not Death and you feel something stirring from within.

Stand up if your sick of the status quo,
Tired of seeing your class mates go
Down a path that they don’t deserve
By the choices that others or yourself have made
With the power of you words.

Stand up if the letter you wish to write
brings words of life to light.

Are your ready to move forward
as one, strong, united, poised to overcome?

Then Stand up if that is your hope for your futures.

Say a 1000 deaths to the pasts.
Believe that Sticks and stones may break bones
But your words can change the poem.

They will always be death or life
So choose today what choice you will make.

Let this message you hear be one you take
Speak kindness, justice, beauty and love.

Words of death no longer
but words of life to build each of us stronger.