Eric Samuel Timm has become one of the world's premier speakers. Having spoken in public schools, arenas, music festivals, churches, and corporate events, Eric will create a captivating message to reach your community where they are at and bring them to where they need to be.

Where words fall short, Eric Samuel Timm uses powerful live art and visuals to help his audience see what they cannot hear. The art that you keep will keep talking long after Eric leaves.

A remarkable and artful communicator of God’s truth who is personally mastering the medium. Eric will challenge you to see, hear, and then do.
-Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor & Author

Church Services

Eric has taught the Bible at thousands of different churches across the world. Having his Master of Divinity, and pursuing a Doctorate, Eric speaks to the head as well as the heart. With art a common denominator, Eric can cross the borders of denominations, generations, and culture, to create a message that will truly encourage, equip, empower your congregation for movement. Eric always respectfully navigates denominational theological waters with honor.

“One of the best Bible communicators I have seen.“
Mark Hall - Casting Crowns

Conferences & Conventions

One of the most sought after conference speakers, Eric has traveled the world to captivate audiences and move their heads and hearts. When you bring Eric to your event, you will get something truly original to serve your theme and community. Eric has served on exhaustive list of national and international conferences and conventions specializing as keynote and workshop presenter at student, ministry leadership, worship, creative art and training events.

"Eric has amazing talents, a team player, and a great heart.”
Doug Fields - Director - Simply Youth Ministry Conference

Corporate Events

Eric Samuel Timm started out at Best Buy making eight bucks an hour only to end his career as GM. This happened with an amazing staff, love, forgiveness and the help and empowerment of others to create a culture that was contagious. From intimate business gatherings to entire company meetings Eric’s presentations can help drive your team to the next level. His uncanny methods are almost instantly contagious, work hand in had with your theme and need.

"Soldiers are requesting that we bring him back."
Col. Fredrickson - US ARMY

School Assemblies

Through a live art performance and speaking, Eric Samuel Timm delivers relevant messages to students that captures their attention in a way that they embrace far after the assembly is over. Eric tailors his message to address the community’s or school’s specific challenges. Messages are focused on character development, including: bullying, integrity, respect, depression, stress, healthy choices, responsibility, citizenship, trustworthiness, and adversity.

“There was dead silence and roars of laughter. The students wanted to listen.“
Art Rocco - Retired Educator

Live Concerts & Music Tours

What makes Eric perfect for this setting is the harmonious balance between live art performance and traditional speaking slots. Eric has the unique ability, through the visual live-art performance, quick creative illustrations to prevent a live concert audience from going into a “speaker mode.” Off the stage Eric has a pastor presence that equips ministry partners. Eric has shared the stage and presented with a exhaustive list of today’s Christian Artists.

"God uses Eric to create amazing moments from His word."
Shane Benard - Award winning recording Artist - Shane and Shane

Festivals & Outreach

Able to connect and hold a large audience in open air environments Eric has quickly become highly sought after to bring his experiential form of communication to festivals an open air events internationally. On and off the stage Eric specializes in creating ministry moments that will bring your theme to life through the lens of God’s word while challenging a multi-denominational audience. Eric can serve where you need him.

“You will get a communication experience that's powerful and life changing.“
Mark Vermilion - CEO - Ichthus

Camps & Retreats

Eric loves interacting in the more intimate atmosphere that retreats and camps often provide. Will partner with YOU to catapult YOUR theme or vision for the week or weekend by using different artistic mediums to powerfully convey God’s truth. Eric has the uncanny ability to take a room full of strangers and through his interactions and teachings from God’s word unify them into a community of people in a very short time period.

"His humility and flexibility is unprecedented. We highly recommend Eric."
Michael Stewart - Liberty University

Colleges & Universities

Colleges, University students, and professors love the collision of art and Eric’s complex yet simple teaching style. There is “NO BOX” makes this statement a reality for lives navigating the pursuit of what life will look like for them after experiencing a student session or chapel with Eric. Faith-based or value-based messages challenge students to be better. No time for hype, Eric brings the heat. Perfect for required events like chapel or special on campus events.

“He is engaging, hilarious, and challenging in his theologically deep messages."
Brad D. Strawn, Ph.D. - Dean of the Chapel - Southern Nazarene University“