May Ministry Review

You know those moments that make time stand still, where you just feel like the air is sucked out of the room. Those moments can be moments filled with joy or great sorrow, weight in value or weight in burden.

As I prayed one at a time for the students that responded that were filled with anxiety upon having to return home to the situation that they are in, one specific student handed me these pile of razor blades, and with tears in her eyes she said she wanted to be free.

We had a great conversation and the truth is her youth pastor was there and will continue to see those words play out. 

It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit start to work on her life in a very deep renewing way. So you can pray for her, this month with me.

May was a great month. 

My first stop was up in Alexandria Minnesota at a community youth gathering or 500 students came to kick off the summer with A Multi denominational worship experience. I preached about discovery and really challenged students to stay on track in their personal pursuit of Christ during the summer.

I got to head out to Colorado with some other youth leaders from all over the United States, and had some great engaging conversations in Colorado. My thanks to Tim, for the invite, and you should check out his master class here, but I already did tell you about it in an earlier email.

A big moment for me personally is that I graduated, I am pursuing a doctoral degree and I made one step closer to getting there. It was surreal to be able to finally see the vision that I had in front of me, with all of the learning challenges that I have, come to a place. You can send graduation gifts in the form of money, to my address. Ha ha ha ha. Joking not joking school is expensive

I was able to be a part of the final year of the Alberta Youth Convention. And man what a lesson in humility. Mike Love and his team have been at it for 25 years and I was able to close out the session. The last session of the last Alberta YC ever. This ministry has reached over half 1 million students and their 8000 people in attendance that weekend got to give Mike and Donna a standing ovation for their legacy and faithfulness in ministry.

Next we headed out to British Columbia to the History Maker Conference with my Executive Ministry Director, Nate Horstmann, and it was so fun to travel with him again. He got to do a couple workshops while I spoke twice and watched the Milwaukee Bucs lose.

We’ve got some new T-shirts and Axe Academy gear that we are selling for a fundraiser to continue to raise resources to be able to continue and expand all the ministry we are doing.

I’m currently raising about $7000 to launch a next phase of the leadership platform, the Axe Academy, as well as developing a 4 to 6 week curriculum to leave at public school that are made available to the guidance counselor and homeroom teachers.

These tools will be vital to continue to invest in leaders, as well as create cultural shift in the buildings that I’m in so the student body can continue to live out that message far after I’m gone. If you want to be involved in that please click here and contribute to it.