Only The Maker Can Heal It

We are born a blank canvas. Before our birth, there was the Artist at work - His design, flawless. We just needed to follow His brush. But we create on our own. We decide to make us, the blank canvas soon becomes nothing more than a mess.

A mess seemingly like nothing. But there is something - there is someone - a Maker. And only the Maker of our heart can heal our broken heart.

And in Him, we become a new canvas, where the the artist paints yet again using us, using the mess, the create a new work.

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The Hope Mosaic

The Hope Mosaic experience is truly one of a kind. Set to a uninterrupted music track and laced with four live-art performances, the truth Eric delivers in each movement inspire any heart. This is for all types of people in the faith landscape and has been welcomed and received in very challenging environments.

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The Red Umbrella

It's raining in our world, it may even be raining in yours right now. Doubt, death, disease, divorce, through the alphabet we could go, from A to Z, to find the rain in your life.

Jesus says that rain falls on the just and the unjust - good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.But when you are in Christ, you have Christ as an umbrella.

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You Need His Love, Not Scars

I know what it feels like, to write in my own hand, my suicide note - some of you do too.

You may cut for reasons that need healing - there was hope given for that reason. All scars tell a story. His scars tell of a love for the ones that you have.

He was scarred for you so that you don't need new ones - His scars are enough.

The scars, the past, the pain can not hold you. It can only remind you of who you are not. You need His love, not scars.

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Dreams Need A Veteran

We all have dreams, and without a veteran's name, we would not have the freedom to dream.

So thank a veteran for your ability to dream. For laying down theirs so you can pick up yours.

There is a battle for the ability to dream, thank you for winning it.

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Eric is anointed, able to speak truth in such with intoxicating conviction. Highly Highly recommend Eric, ever time!
-Aaron Gilispie, Award Winning Recording Artist - The Almost / Underoath