April Ministry Review

School Assemblies
Eric Samuel Timm and Brie Taking A Picture After an Assembly Program.

Brie and I after a public school assembly program.

In schools I often find myself surrounded by students that touch my heart in a moment.  Enter Brie.  She was so full of life and a perspective we all need to have.

“Eric, you are awesome, you did great, my mom always told me. . . Brie, when she dropped me off at school, Brie, be light. Be light today. And that’s what I am.  Light. Well, I’m Brie, but I’m light, Eric. You are too.”

She was called light so she tries to be light.

So profound I’m so many levels. Her parents called her light.  She hears it, so she is it. Speak to the potential in people and you will find they shine.

We did a community day at the Hudson middle school in Hudson, Wisconsin.  Teacher Clint St. John was crucial in opening those doors for the 1000 students I got to be in front of. That night at Christ Center, we saw 16 people respond the the Gospel and make a personal faith declaration.

Schools in Fort Atkins and Janesville WI where amazing. We brought hope to more than 1500 students each day and had a unique opportunity to do leadership breakouts on Mental Health with all the student leaders.

Gave over 3500 students hope through 10 assemblies in Burlington, Greenville and Hortonville.  Because of the amount of art left behind at each school, Painting Hope was short about 450 bucks this month.  If you want to help us continue to offer these value based assemblies, at a rate that makes it possible for us to partner with any school district, you can make a donation. These donations are tax-deductible.

My son in front of Noah's Ark

My son, in front of Noah’s Ark Creation Museum

Palm Sunday was awesome at People’s Church in CA, but the Breakout Youth Conference that night was amazing.  I had the chance to teach on the actual age of the disciples.  Their minds where blown! So was mine.

It was an honor to kick off a summer kick off party with a number of churches and about 800 students at Alexandria Covenant Church. Was amazing to see kids wheels turning as I helped them prepare to launch into summer with their walk with Jesus.  Remember, just because you don’t feel God‘s hand doesn’t mean He is not working on your behalf.  Summer is a season of sun and my prayer was it would be the SON.

My family had an amazing spring break and we were home for Easter for the first time in 6 years. Danielle, my wife, and I took the family to Noah’s Ark Creation Museum, Waffle House, and Skyline – all a must stop!

Our team also finished launching the new Eric Samuel Timm website. This website is so much more robust, and has a lot more content, and will help us better connect with people and partner with them to impact their community. We have some new merchandise coming to the store (see my instagram for a sneak peek) in the coming months. So many exciting things are happening here.

Leadership Development
Eric Samuel Timm with communicators he coached

Here are the great communicators I got to invest in to.

I was invited to invest 28 hours with other communicators from across the country and it proved to me your voice is unique. You are needed and your story matters. James Humes, former president speech writer, says it best, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” This is why we have multiple courses, webinars, and various resources to help you become a better communicator at the Axe Academy.

In April, we had 96 sponsors believing in our vision to help other’s discover, develop, and deploy their God-given gifts and abilities. While we are still operating at a net-loss, we are moving closer every month to meeting some financial goals. We have grown to 348 members, over tripling our enrollment since January 1st of this year. Things are growing, and if you want to be a part of it, as a student, a support, or both, you can do so by checking it out here.

Make sure you check out “The Axe Academy” on your favorite podcast platform. I just released a new episode on Women in Leadership based off of a question that was asked of me recently.


Thanks for being a part of the journey