Who Is Eric Samuel Timm?

What I do as the guy with three first names is create and broadcast hope. I do speak in front of live audiences, I do live painting as an artist and some say I do this as a speed painter, I do write books, and I do advocate for hope, justice, and for those trapped in object poverty.

Who I am is a husband, father, and fellow human, a Netflix subscriber, B- Philosopher, A+ rated eBay seller, a dreamer, a doer, a warrior, and a poet with paint brushes.

I am mustard and snowmobile connoisseur.

Passionate about the next generation of students, I launched a non-profit school program called Painting Hope. To date, we have brought value-based and hope-giving assemblies with follow up to over 600 schools throughout the world.

I have a podcast that I call the AxeCAST, it is one of the world's fastest growing podcasts - well the optimist in me likes to think that. Every episode we focus on 7 areas of intellectual and spiritual development.

I have had the privilege of traveling across the earth to bring hope to those who need it most. With my friends at Food for the Hungry, Convoy of Hope, World Vision, feedONE and Compassion International we have seen over 85,000 children sponsored and over 250,000 children fed every day to date.

My life goal is to see 500,000 children sponsored and 1,000,000 kids fed every day.  #bucketlist

I train, coach, and sharpen communicators and public speakers as I believe this art of rhetoric must be maintained for humanity through a program called C4 Orators.

My first book, Static Jedi, is all about mastering your empire of noise, that seeks to destroy you. So many more to come and I post a lot of ideas on my online journal.

I studied and graduated from North Central University and completed my masters at Bethel and North Western University. While I am continuing my own education by pursuing a doctorate, I have launched a leadership academy to equip others to take the next step, sharpen themselves in their intellectual and spiritual walks.

I make art.  Sometimes is a time-consuming calculated oil painting and sometimes its fast and furious live art performance with a bit of speed painting. You can purchase my art from my store, we've heard it makes a great conversation starter in any bathroom.

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Eric Samuel Timm is an extraordinary communicator and really drew me in personally, but I’m more impressed by what I see behind the scenes and off the stage.
-Scott Rubin, Youth Pastor - Willow Creek Church

Eric’s Resources


A voice for students.
Painting Hope inspires schools to change. Eric’s award winning live art performance and school assembly presentation brings hope and empowerment to students audiences.


A voice for the voiceless.
1.3 billion people living on less than $1.25 are caught in poverty. 
The Love Alliance raises awareness of injustices and empowers you to be a part of the solution.


A voice for the leader.
The Axe Academy is a specialized life development and learning platform for leaders, communicators, disciples, and dreamers who want to make their life count.


A voice for the speaker.
Eric’s communication coaching program, 
C4 Orators develops speakers into orators through a video curriculum or personal one-on-one coaching.